Wild Garden

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Constantly feel judged at the state of your overgrown bush? Let your lawn grow wild? Or if your garden turned into a makeshift bottle bank? Here at Boxer, we won’t judge you. ‘Wild Garden – Managing an Unmanageable Garden’ is a safe space to explore and embrace your unconventional yard! Repurpose those bottles into a fun sculpture, learn about the benefits of keeping those weeds wild! Filled with 144 pages of hilarious tips and tricks within a quality hardback cover, this novelty book is the perfect way to gaslight your critics and prove that sometimes, the bushier the better! Great as a gift for friends and family who are notorious for their neglectful gardening habits, this fun gift book will help anyone learn to love their toxic wasteland *cough* - sorry, 'backyard oasis'!

NEGLECTED OASIS – If you’re notorious for having a slightly bushy backyard, then embrace it with our hilarious Wildgarden gift book, filled with tips and tricks to work with, not against the wasteland in your garden!

LET IT GROW – From recycling old wine bottles to fascinating and inspiring advice for avid garden-haters, this fun, tongue-in-cheek gift book will have you convinced that, in fact, bushier is best!

PERFECT GIFT FOR DISGRUNTLED GARDENERS – Great for those lesser-green fingered friends and family, this gift book is a hilarious novelty gift!

  • Depth : 21.00 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 16.00 cm
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