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Here at Boxer, we're always in the limelight. Well... maybe not always but lets say quite often. On our quest to Slay the Mundane, we often lead the market by being first with quirky new ideas and fresh, interesting concepts. That's why whenever there's any hot news regarding our awesome gift industry, we're first to be asked our opinions. On this page you can check out our most recent press clippings and stay up to date on the current affairs of the gift trade.

Purveyors of Fun - Progessive Gifts & Home Oct/Nov 2022



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How Christmas Distrupted Our Christmas Toy Deliveries

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=473LNbWsVKc (skip to 14:30)


Taking Stock: Boxer Gifts’ MD Says That Nimble Retailers Have A Great Opportunity To Grab Market Share


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