Gift Card Escape Maze

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Gift Card Escape Maze is available to buy in increments of 12
Are you tired of the same old gift-giving routine? Level up your gifting game with the Gift Card Escape Maze! Say goodbye to boring cash-filled cards and hello to a thrilling puzzle game gift-giving experience!
Lift the cover off and remove the anti-lock insert, pop in up to 5 gift cards, cash, or any other surprises you have in mind. Put the cover back on and click it shut to activate the puzzle. The only way to unlock the maze and retrieve the goodies inside is by solving the mind-bending maze and reaching the finish line!
If you're looking for stocking fillers for kids, puzzle box brain teaser puzzles for adults, or fun ways to present a gift voucher, this isn't just any ordinary gift - it's a gift with a fun and challenging twist!

UNLOCK YOUR PRIZE - With this Gift Card Escape Maze, lock in your gift of choice, and challenge the recipient to solve the mind-bending maze and retrieve their prize!

MIX UP YOUR GIFT GIVING -This puzzle maze a great stocking filler at Christmas, way to gift money or up to 5 vouchers for a Birthday, or just as a fun and exciting way to present an ordinary gift!

ESCAPE THE MAZE - Wave goodbye to boring cash-filled cards with this unique giftable Gift Card Escape Maze, perfect for cash, gift cards and other celebratory gifts!

FITS UP TO 5 GIFT CARDS - Perfect to put a spin on simple gifts for teenagers and kids, socking fillers for men and women and celebratory gifts for him or her on birthdays or at Christmas!

CRACK THE CODE - This fun Gift Card Escape Game forces you to navigate the maze to unlock your gift voucher, meaning you now have to work for the reward and crack the code!

  • Depth : 2.20 cm
  • Height : 14.50 cm
  • Width : 8.40 cm
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