The Way Your Going, You'll End Up In Prison

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Ate a KFC with a knife and fork? Criminal. Watched Winnie the Pooh in Poland? Absolute Delinquent. And don’t even get me started if you ski in Switzerland whilst reciting poetry…
Everyone loves a bad boy, but just how bad are you? This hilarious gift book covers some of the world’s most wild, wacky and downright weird laws – how likely are you to break them? ‘The Way You’re Going, You’ll End Up In Prison’ is a quality hardback book is filled with 128 pages of awesome illustrations and mind-bogglingly crazy rules from every corner of the globe! With a novelty escape saw paper book mark included, this is a perfect fun gift book for friends and family who have a rebellious reputation!


  • Depth : 21.00 cm
  • Height : 1.00 cm
  • Width : 17.00 cm


  • CERTIFIED BADDIE - This hilarious gift book is filled with weird laws from around the world - from the wild to wacky, weird to unfathomable! Flick through the pages of facts and laws from every corner of the globe to find out if The Way You're Going, Will You End Up In Prison?
  • LIVE DANGEROUSLY - With over 128 pages of hilarious and crazy laws and legislations, complete with awesome quality illustrations and hilarious commentary, you can discover some of the craziest criminalisations that have ever existed - are YOU the bad guy?!
  • THE GREAT ESCAPE - With a hilarious novelty paper saw-shaped bookmark, you can be sure to break out if you're found guilty (maybe!)
  • GREAT GIFT FOR FRIENDS - Packaged within a quality hardback cover, this hilarious novelty gift book is the perfect present for a friend who has a rep for being a rebel!

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